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This is the private house project for a multigenerational family, located in an emerging residential area of Ho Chi Minh City. We proposed design solution that summarizes the environment of a tropical climate in which nature and resident live intertwined. This is achieved by dividing the first design requirement of a "large garden" into smaller spirally connected gardens.




In progress  |  

Architectural design ; Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh,

Interior design :  new confidence one

Within the scenic landscape of rice field and scattered houses with gabled roofs in Hoi An, the well-known world heritage town, the office project explores the possibility of denser built environment in the region.

From a distance, it appears to be a floating monolith of terra-cotta that emerges out of the surrounding roofscape. But with a closer look, one notices that the building skin comprises series of angled louvers - directed to the south to provide view, while cutting sunlight from the east and west.

This cage-like volume contains working area with ideal luminous environment, in combination with tropical plants on balconies.

Underneath is semi-public space that serves as a lounge and canteen for staff and customers. Shaded by curvy steel door panels and eaves, the space is seamlessly blended with the landscape. 

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