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This is the private house project for a multigenerational family, located in an emerging residential area of Ho Chi Minh City. We proposed design solution that summarizes the environment of a tropical climate in which nature and resident live intertwined. This is achieved by dividing the first design requirement of a "large garden" into smaller spirally connected gardens.
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2018 . 02  |  

Takahito Yamada * worked in VTN architects as a lead architect

This renovation project includes a café on the last floor and the roof top of a 7th floor middle-rise concrete building located in the city center of Vinh city in the middle north of Vietnam.

From these levels one has a great view over the surrounding low-rise houses, towards the river, magnificent forest scape and various aged buildings.

The challenge was to create an impact on the building by inserting a new structure with unique and local material.

After studying several local materials such as brick, stone, etc we chose bamboo to work with. Through our experience, we know bamboo is easily to access in this tropical climate which reduces construction time and budget. The essence of using bamboo in this project is “lightness”. As bamboo which can be lifted up by a few workers and easily transport to the highest floor by a crane.

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