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House in Ba Ria Vung Tau

| 2024 . 04  
coming soon.

ONE Tech Stop Danang Office

| 2022 . 06  |  Collaborate with Onedesign Partners / NC1 Design Co.,Ltd
OTS has launched a move to integrate agile software development into their practice—a concept that is rapidly dominating the IT industry worldwide. The new office situated in the beautiful seaside city of Da Nang will function not just as a venue to accommodate and drive the freshly-assembled agile teams, but also as a symbol to testify their new approach.
As architects, we were confronted with the challenge of reinterpreting agility in our own language, and incorporating the concept into our architecture


| 2022 . 02  | Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh
Unlike ordinary café, “Chidori - coffee in bed” offers semi-private bunk beds as well as beverages. Their new flagship store is inserted into an old apartment building in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, facing to one of the most popular boulvard. “Hem” in this
project is scaled into an extremely tall 3-stories split, inviting visitors
inside the alley to explore and find their home for a short while.
01A_N1 6211rrr_edited.jpg


| 2021 . 02  | Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh
The project locates within A high-rise condominium in Ho Chi Minh City.
The unit was turned into a residence / showroom where visitors can stay and experience a collection of furniture and light fixtures- mainly by the renowned Danish furniture brand, Fritz Hansen. 
01_exteior night_edited.jpg


| 2021 . 02  | Takahito Yamada
"Demolishing" and "Peeling-off" ― using limited techniques, the architect transformed a typical Vietnamese house into an open, semi-outdoor restaurant. This is a project to use 3D visualization as a communication tool in the current social situation in which designers, clients and constructors cannot meet face to face.
6 DSC_0232ed_edited.jpg


| 2021 . 02  | Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh
It's not ""solitude", but "monopoly".
Securing our social distance Social distance has liberated us from many of the ties that bind us. Separation is a social detox in today's over-connected society. Social detox. A new way to enjoy the city without being disturbed by anyone else. This is a proposal to change "solitude" into "monopoly".


| Under designing  | Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh, Tomas Tran
Facade design project in the city center of HCMC. To create counter of the generic glass facade buildings, we tried to propose something with movable, softness and unevenness.
Our idea is applying metal mesh curtain  which is the common material for the security fences.


Under designing  | Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh
This is the project for a new office building in Hoi An, a world heritage city in Vietnam.
Since it is a middle-rise building built in a peaceful rural landscape, it was necessary to select materials that were in harmony.
We proposed to make the envelope using traditional terracotta material and to create a comfortable working environment inside .


| 2019 . 11  | Takahito Yamada, Nobuhiro Inudoh, Le Viet Minh Quoc
A re-renovation project from a French colonial style villa that was once used as a cafe. 
For this project, "studio anettai" was a designer and facility owner at the same time.
Hence we were literally involved into every single moment of design, construction, and operation, we work beyond the traditional border of business field.
anettai apartment_02_bed_edited.jpg

Anettai apartment

| 2019 . 11  | Takahito Yamada
This is the first experiment for us to beyond the architectural design field - means, we did not only interior design, but also managing the apartment lease, advertise and hospitality service.
We created big opening for the existing building , because those rooms were faced to the rich green forest.
Nocenco 01_edited.jpg

Nocenco Cafe *

2018 . 02  | * Worked as Chief architect in  Vo Trong Nghia Architects
This renovation project includes a café on the last floor and the roof top of a middle-rise building.
Through our experience, we know bamboo is easily to access in this tropical climate which reduces construction time and budget.
he essence of using bamboo in this project is “lightness”. As bamboo which can be lifted up by a few workers and easily transport to the highest floor by a crane.
Ha House 02_Exterior_edited.jpg

Ha House*

2018 . 02  | * Worked as Chief architect in  Vo Trong Nghia Architects
This is the private house project for a multigenerational family, located in an emerging residential area of Ho Chi Minh City.
We proposed design solution that summarizes the environment of a tropical climate in which nature and resident live intertwined.
This is achieved by dividing the first design requirement of a "large garden" into smaller spirally connected gardens.
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